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Organizational Assessment


Is your organization prepared to serve your clients and succeed every day?


Eno River Consulting will assess your internal leadership, staffing, procedures, policies, and systems to effectively manage your nonprofit with an eye toward quick wins at the Board and Staff level to increase the amount of financial support you are able to generate and create a blueprint plan for the next steps for you.



Capacity Building


What are the current capabilities of your organization?


What are the weaknesses of your organization that impact its capabilities and mission effectiveness?


What are the key barriers at your organization to greater service capacity and mission effectiveness?


How can your organization access significant additional resources and other needed assets to meet its goals in your community?


When facing issues of capacity, we’d love to be your go-to place – for business plans, strategic plans, fundraising plans, transition plans, and other capacity-building issues specific to your mission and situation. Capacity often requires both structure, and relational aspects. You need structure for the organization to work, and if a group isn’t working well together, we’ll help you find ways to work differently to support a cohesive, successful organization.



Strategic Planning


What does your organization need to look like in 3-5 years?


How do you get from where you are now to where you need to be?


What is the current status and future forecast for the needs you seek to address?


How can your organization better accomplish its mission in the coming years?


Eno River Consulting will help your organization develop an actionable strategic plan based on an objective assessment of the need you serve and the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities facing your organization.



Expansion & Growth


What are opportunities and strategies by which your organization can have a greater impact?


Eno River Consulting will help your organization identify and assess opportunities to expand and grow through feasibility studies and business plans that include:

Market penetration – serving more people within your current geographic market;

Market development – taking your services to new geographic markets;

Service development – adding new services to more comprehensively address the needs of your clients.



Partnerships & Collaboration


Could your organization benefit from strategic partnerships and collaboration with others?


Many of today’s highly effective nonprofits are increasing their mission impact and organizational effectiveness through strategic partnerships and collaboration with other organizations – nonprofits, corporations, and government agencies.


Eno River Consulting can analyze the potential for your organization to benefit through partnerships and collaboration, and identify and qualify potential partners for your consideration. We can also teach you how to take these relationships to a level that will exponentially increase your organization’s impact.