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Board Development


Do you have the right people with the right skills on your Board to help your organization move forward?


Eno River Consulting’s team can assess whether your Board of Directors is best configured to match your organization’s immediate and strategic needs or if different people with different skills are needed. Our consultants can also help to identify strong new board members for your consideration – outstanding people who embrace your organization’s mission and can help you increase its performance and mission impact.


Effective board members dedicate time every year to improving their individual board skills and increasing their effectiveness in providing vision, oversight, support, and evaluation for nonprofit organizations. Eno River Consulting can provide customized training specifically tailored for the needs of your organization and your board members.



Leadership Development & Executive Coaching


How can the leaders of your organization be even more effective?


Eno River Consulting’s staff can provide an objective assessment of your Executive Director and other leaders, facilitate your annual review process, and create individual personal development plans for the year.  Part of this assessment may include 360 evaluations for executive directors and other staff with significant leadership responsibilities. Our consultants can also provide ongoing executive coaching.


360 leadership assessments are an invaluable tool to identify and address perceptions. In the fundraising world, the perception of an executive director as a leader determines their effectiveness at raising money. That perception may be incorrect or incomplete: it can help you be wildly successful as you raise money, or it can be a barrier to your success.


Frequently approached for funding by the nonprofit world, the corporate sector often judges nonprofit directors by standards that, while appropriate in the corporate world, do not match the realities of running a nonprofit organization. Even so, those in charge of corporate giving choose to give or not give based upon their perception of an organization and its leaders.  Eno River Consulting understands that how your leadership is perceived is critical to your successful management and fundraising.



Executive Recruitment


Do you need new effective leadership for your organization?


Eno River Consulting can help recruit exceptional candidates to provide strong leadership for your organization.


Executive searches can be a time-consuming and stressful task. Our consultants have hired dozens of top leaders and managers and will guide you through the process, sharing their expertise, and assuring you get the right fit for your organization and its needs.


Eno River Consulting will help you identify key roles and responsibilities for the position, assist you in writing or revising your job description, get excellent candidates in the door, and support you during the screening, interviewing, and hiring process.



Succession Planning


How do you pass on institutional knowledge gained over years of running your organization and engaging with your community?


Eno River Consulting can help you identify key areas where your leaders hold invaluable knowledge and information, and develop a plan for “downloading” that knowledge. One piece of this is often pairing your developing leaders with those with the most organizational knowledge along with focused board development. This also requires building effective teams, with members who can step up, creating a culture that thrives, and creating expectations and common understanding about execution.