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Strategic Fundraising


How can your organization develop its donor base and diversify your fundraising effectiveness?


Eno River Consulting will develop and implement a strategic fundraising plan customized for your organization, including:

  • annual giving
  • major gifts
  • planned giving
  • fundraising campaigns targeted to individuals, foundations, corporations, faith-based communities, and other community organizations.


We can help identify and assess your top donor prospects.


We will help you assess your organizational readiness for major fundraising success. Key success factors include:

  • a clear organizational vision and strong leadership from your board of directors and executives;
  • thoughtful identification and qualification of potential donors;
  • and appropriate infrastructure and support to accomplish significant fundraising efforts.


Eno River Consulting will evaluate your organization’s capabilities, conduct a thorough campaign feasibility study, and build strategic fundraising strengths where they are needed.



Grow Your Inner Circle


Are the right people on your team and part of your inner circle?


Eno River Consulting helps organizations focus on and strategically build upon relationships with individuals who may already have strong relationships with you and who have the greatest potential for future leadership within your organization. Think of the value that five or ten strong supporters and allies can have for your organization if they feel connected to you and your mission, and are committed to sharing their gifts and resources.


We will help you identify those people, and build the kind of relationships with them that can help your organization achieve its goals at a much larger scale.


Organizations sometimes need additional people and entities in their inner circle to achieve their goals. An excellent way to find new members to share your inner circle is to increase your pipeline of relationships. It is important to see this pipeline as complementary to your goal of growing your inner circle.


An organization’s ideal shape is where there are no holes in management and service delivery due to resource shortages. With many, many individuals in the pipeline, growth and stability are maintained: As potential supporters approach your organization, they should see its overall solidity from a distance merge into interwoven networks of diverse and dynamic individuals. Thus even as people come and go, your organization remains cohesive.


With a more complete picture, we can focus on and develop the firmest connection possible with people who have strong relationships with you and the greatest potential for future leadership with your organization.


Because we are growing your team of supporters in a more targeted way, we need to use several highly defined tools in the toolbox.  These tools all revolve around targeted, specific communication. these tools are: personal engagement, major donor work, direct mail, email, and text. Strategic use of these tools creates effective communication with your supporters, and enhances relationship quality.